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Focus -

Immigration law.



Sworn translators-interpreters.



Years of




Clients helped.

"Our goal is to help every migrant with his or her transformation process towards a happy and stable life in Belgium, by which he or she can find and show the best of oneself!"

The situation today.

Due to the rapid trend of online disinformation, migrants increasingly need fast, accurate and affordable information in the language they understand.

Our solution.

That is why our office does everything it can to help every client within 48 hours. This is only possible thanks to the efficiency that we have built up through our 20 years of experience, exclusively in immigration law.

Success factors.

The other factors that play a crucial role in achieving our goal are:

  • our diverse team and family who stand 100% behind our vision,

  • our network of 55 sworn translators and interpreters,

  • continuously following new courses and updates in immigration law,

  • the use of professional platforms for online video consultations to limit waiting times and to guarantee the security of the personal data of our clients,

  • our network of colleagues in other areas of law,

  • our love for immigration law that has grown over the years as we experience the successes of our clients, who are subsequently considered friends.

4 Missions

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Mission 2  

"Help the Iranians"


Period of our mission

Since 2003 until today and the years to come.

Iran, the once beautiful Persian Empire, was known for its diversity, culture and sciences.


Since the 1970s until today, its religious elite has created an unlivable economic and humanitarian context with the result that the Iranians are constantly on the run.  

Our Focus


Family reunification  

Humanitarian protection


Mission 3  

"Help the Syrians"


Period of our mission

From 2011 until today and the years to come.

Syria was once the cradle of civilization. Today that beautiful country is ravaged by terror, repression and the civil war.


The international community has not found a solution until today, so with our mission "Help the Syrians" we want to be valuable to all Syrian refugees and their relatives.  

Our Focus


Family reunification  

Humanitarian protection


Mission 4  

"Personal Life Mission"


Period of our mission

As a son, as a husband, as a friend and as long as I live.

I am eternally grateful to my parents for the values they passed to me. The central values during my upbringing were servitude, honesty, perseverance and justice.


Since these values are also essential in immigration law, I experience the practice of my profession as harmonious with my natural habitat and character. So this is my motivation to act as a pro bono lawyer for the needy people for almost 2 decades.


My loving wife has valued my passion for immigration law from day 1 and this has only strengthened my motivation for defending human dignity.


With the happy coming of our loyal dog "Lou Lou" I also saw better where "being loyal" can lead people to, namely: clear communication regardless the race and language, love, mutual respect, self-control and consequence.


I believe that I can only realize my professional missions if I can also fulfill my personal mission. Therefore I extend my sincere thanks to my wife, Lou Lou, mother, my late father, sister, my dear niece and nephew and of course my godchildren.   

My Focus




Human dignity


Mission 1  

"Help the Afghans"


Period of our mission

Since 2003 until today and the years to come.

The Afghan population have been on the run since the 1980s. In the 2000s and with the dominance of the Taliban, the situation has escalated further.  


Today, the Taliban is back in power and this is causing an increasing number of asylum applications from Afghans. .


Our Focus


Family reunification  

Humanitarian protection


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