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Our Team

"Our goal is to help every migrant with his or her transformation process towards a happy and stable life in Belgium, by which he or she can find and show the best of oneself!"

Advocaat Dominique Van Eenoo
  • Specialized in Immigration Law for almost 20 years.

  • 8 Years member of the ELENA network (European Legal Network on Ayslum), based in Brussels.

  • 6 Years proofreader at the Office for Legal Assistance (the West Flanders Bar).

  • Member of the Immigration Law Commission (Brussels) for 5 years.

  • 3 years member of the renowned European Law Academy (Trier, Germany).

Mr. Dominique Van Eenoo

Mr. Dominique Van Eenoo graduated in 2003 as Licentiate of Laws at the University of Ghent.

Since 2003, Mr. Van Eenoo has been a lawyer at the West Flanders Bar.

From the beginning, Mr. Van Eenoo focused on immigration law. A matter that he by now, after 18 years, has mastered through and through.

From 2006 Mr. Van Eenoo has built his own office in Torhout.

In 2013, Mr. Van Eenoo became member of ELENA (European Legal Network on Asylum), based in Brussels.



Since 2015, Mr. Van Eenoo has been a proofreader at the Office for Legal Assistance (correcting 'pro bono' files regarding immigration law) at the West Flanders Bar.

Since 2016, Mr. Van Eenoo has been a member of the Immigration Law Commission of the Flemish Bar Council in Brussels.

Since 2018, Mr. Van Eenoo is also a member of the ERA (European Academy of Law) based in Trier, Germany.


​Since May 2020, the office is located in Ruddervoorde, a sub-municipality of Oostkamp.

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